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Our Story

Over twenty years ago, Teapots & Treasures Café opened under the loving ownership of Barbara O'Donnell. Ms. Barb envisioned a place where every guest could exhale the stresses of the outside world, and with that a tea shop was born. Now, Francesca Napolitano and Tricia Scalera have the pleasure of carrying on her legacy.

We want our guests to feel at home here at Juno Beach's little tea house. Whether you wish to sit with a pot of our loose-leaf tea or partake in one of our tea services, we promise to make every moment of your experience special. Bring in your little one for an intimate lunch or your school books for a laid-back study session. However you choose to spend your time with us, we will spoil you with our homemade desserts and delicious lunch selection.

At Teapots & Treasures, we are a family. And we vow to treat you as family, as well. We are honored to celebrate any of your upcoming occasions with you! Call our store at 561-881-0447 for more information.

Thank you for allowing this wonderful legacy to live on.

Many blessings,

Francesca & Tricia


Meet The Team


Tricia Scalera


Tricia is a full-time wife and mom of three (plus four dogs, birds and a bunny), not to mention co-owner of a tea shop! Tricia has experienced afternoon tea all across New York and Ireland, and has a passion for spoiling our guests with the same charm she has received at the most upscale hotels. When taking a break from running our tea shop, Tricia enjoys unwinding with a glass of wine while indulging in the latest season of Outlander.


Francesca Napolitano


Francesca's adoration for afternoon tea began on a trip to England with one of her best friends. The two spent their mornings at a  local tea house - where they journaled and enjoyed each other's company. Francesca returned home with a vision to bring that sense of home and intimacy to the Juno Beach community. When she's not sipping tea at work, Francesca enjoys writing stories and afternoons spent at Barnes & Noble.


Heidi Rochefort


Heidi joined the Teapots Team with a glowing spirit hungry for scones and success. Little did she know just how many scones she would get! When not covered in flour and elbow deep in scone dough, Heidi enjoys sitting out by her pool alongside her husband, two children and pups. Experience her vigor and adoration for our tea shop with every taste of our baked goods!


Rebekah Burke


Rebekah joined our team as a server when we first opened in August of 2020. Rebekah has now earned her place as our kitchen manager, where she oversees our food preparation and creations. When not at work, Rebekah loves to spend her time playing basketball, skateboarding or spending time with her newly adopted puppy.


Melissa Scalera


Melissa has been with us from the very beginning, and we don't know what we would have done without her. Melissa is a Culinary Institute of America graduate and plans on continuing her hospitality experience in Pennsylvania in this upcoming new year. But don't worry, this isn't goodbye yet for Miss Scalera!

Making Dough

Linda Sittler


Linda has been with Teapots and Treasures since way back, and has helped us keep to its traditions while embracing new ideas. Linda is the hands and mind behind our immaculate afternoon tea service, an artful experience she now takes the opportunity to share with her granddaughter. We guarantee that Linda's elegant touch will leave your eyes stunned and your stomach content!

Cup of Tea

Elizabeth Burke


Having tea at a cafe

Ashley Mulford



Lindsay McNeal